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Shubham Sanjay Shevade is a proficient film buff with roots from the cultural heritage of India to the world entertainment capital of Los Angeles, California. Having an educational background in Science & Technology, Shevade has also mastered his art in Hindustani Classical Music and Theatre.

These versatile abilities and extreme fascination towards World Cinema motivated him to pursue a Film Production Degree IN Los Angeles. Eventually, his screenplays and films got  GLOBALLY recognized and appreciated in Various Screenplay Contest and Film Festivals.

after graduating and successfully producing over 40 short films, commercials and even a feature film, as well as gaining experience as a creative producer, director and editor, HE FOUNDED his own production company: FableCraft Motion Pictures. He recently also established a non-profit organization called Uniting Artists – a platform for various unsung artists around the world created with the GOAL of promoting peace and progressive culture.